Be Mad … But Get to the Other Side

Coming in September 2020

Have you ever felt mad? Just totally angry and frustrated with your life? Sometimes, you don’t know how you got to the place of MAD. Life came (as it does), and you found yourself stuck in a place called MAD, and you don’t know how to get out. Being MAD isn’t a bad thing; it’s actually life-changing and revolutionary, if you know how to get to the other side. This book looks at MAD from a different perspective. Allow yourself to be MAD, but don’t stay there. Use MAD to get you to a place of peace, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

Black From Scratch


Celebrating Our Beauty by Sharing Our People’s Amazing Stories of Guidance, Triumph, and Wisdom. Black from Scratch honors the roots, history, and legacy of our people. We celebrate our stories—from Africa to the Caribbean to America. Our stories do not begin with slavery. Our stories date back to kings and queens, warriors and war princesses.

We know the Black story to be RESILIENT. We recognize the Black spirit as STRONG and POWERFUL. We have been a part of and witnessed Black EXCELLENCE. We want to be a part of that history that honors the legacy and lives of those who are proud to be Black from Scratch.



Jean-Baptiste thought she was going to die when she found herself on the front page of a local online newspaper after catching her husband in bed with another woman. But, what she didn’t know, is that this inner death would introduce her to a whole new life. ReLive is a poetry book that illustrates how to start over in life and love after one’s spirit has died. After trauma, devastation, loss, and pain, Jean-Baptiste’s poems encourages one, not to give up or quit, but to remake your life to recover and reclaim your destiny. In rediscovering your self-worth and purpose after a “death,” one can begin the process of ReLiving.

Black Dresses Stain


This book is for any woman who has ever loved a man. Every woman who has ever loved and hated; adored and despised; been loyal and betrayed; been in love and left alone; and had to find themselves again has issues they hide, emotions they deny and feelings that are difficult to reconcile – especially in today’s society. This book speaks openly about love and relationships – addressing the consequences and rewards and sex and its pleasure and pain. The stories portray different woman and their lives – each of them struggling to carry on while hiding insecurities, secrets, and lies. Each of them triumphs in different ways. Each of them takes you on a journey – to feel what they feel but can never say. Embrace each character, breathe for them, and let yourself live again!

Chalet is the epitome of a Lightworker; someone who transmutes pain into teachings to help people. My audience is still talking about her contagious energy today!


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