Lesson for life: Life is so funny… the waves turn so much. Friends come and go and loved ones pass away or leave to greener pastures. I love the quote: Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated. But, I’ll remix and say Go where you’re truly loved, where people see you coming and smile, where flaws don’t knock the beauty out the eyes of those who see you, where life is never ending and your laugh reaches your belly. Go where you can close your eyes and rest deep without worrying, and no matter what you go through you know your village will ride the storm with you and for you! Go where, even when you think God is far away, they can remind you of the God in and through you. Roll with the ones that will come to your dirty home and help you clean it up instead of complaining. Those that don’t care about your degrees or title or popularity contest, but genuinely like the person you are!!! The ones that check on you just because or send an encouraging word or two. The ones who show up, when it’s needed the most.

Yeah roll with those and forgive the rest! Life is short!


Lesson for life: Truth is a funny thing. It can set people free and it can also cause pain and harm. But, once truth is released from the lips… it moves the heart and minds and begins to manifest in the earth. So, then, one has to decide to Iive in and with this Truth or to choose to ignore it in order to maintain and retain one’s own personal reality.

I refuse to live my life only existing in my Truth or in the world I created for myself made up of rules created solely for and by me. I must accept the Truth…swallow it whole… and live truly free and righteous. For me, this is the everyday practice of maturing in the Word and Jesus Christ.

God will bring the things and treasures, but I am pressing towards the mark….

So if I’m not where or who you think I should be, just pray for me because I might not hear you , but God will get my attention.