Author, Speaker, Professor, Social Entrepreneur, and a Mother. She is “Inspiring a Change and Engaging a Generation.”


Engaging a Generation

A college professor, author, and mother. with two Masters and working on her doctorate in English and Rhetoric, Chalet Jean-Baptiste has an inspiring life history overcoming sexual abuse, healing through a marriage full of infidelity, divorce, and her journey as a single mother of three children. As a Black woman living in the United States, Chalet has experienced and witnessed racial inequities and systemic racism growing up in the predominantly Black area of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NY. Jean-Baptiste’s firm grasp on real-life struggles, pain, and disappointment combined with her genuine understanding of the human spirit has made her relatable to audiences around the world. 

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Inspiring Change in Future Leaders

What Do We Do After Protesting?

1,000+ views

Love Never Loses

2,000+ views

Pieces of Peace

1,400+ views

Growth from Grief

6,000+ views

Chalet is the epitome of a Lightworker; someone who transmutes pain into teachings to help people. My audience is still talking about her contagious energy today!

Stephanie Powers,  Host, Lightworkers Lounge